Reader’s recipe: Lemon slice

THIS is a perfect slice to whip up at short notice. It’s easy to make and needs only a few hours to set. Make it in the morning for afternoon tea.


One packet milk coffee biscuits, crushed

160g dried coconut

I tin (395g) condensed milk

100g margarine, melted

Juice and rind of 1½ lemons

For the icing

160g icing sugar

1 tbsp butter

Juice of 1½ lemons


Grease a 28cm x 18cm baking tray with margarine. Mix the crushed biscuits and coconut, reserving a couple of dessertspoonfuls of the coconut for later, with the condensed milk and melted margarine, lemon juice and lemon rind. Spread evenly in the baking tray, then leave in the refrigerator for about 2-3 hours until set.

Once firm, prepare the icing by mixing a cup of icing sugar, a tablespoon of melted butter and juice of 1½ lemons.

Spread icing over biscuits and sprinkle with coconut. Leave to set in the fridge for an hour or so before slicing into squares.

Aldan Glencross, Cranbourne